Claus Hempler – Hempler

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Claus Hempler released Hempler in 2004 with greater success than his first solo album. Unlike Charm School for Pop Singers, Hempler received good reviews in the Danish media, and the single “Unlucky in Love” was a hit on some radio stations. This vinyl edt. has been vinyl-mastered in UK and sounds more than great.

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Kim Larsen & Kjukken – Finder Altid Et Sted.

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Kim Larsen & Kjukken:skaermbillede_2012_08_13_kl._10.12.49_large

Finder Altid Et Sted

1st Time Records FTRS 001

Produktions år 2012

Udgivelses år 2007

Køb: http://www.recordpusher.com/products/larsen-kim-kjukken-finder-altid-et-sted



Østkyst Hustlers – Fuld Af Løgn.

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skaermbillede_2012_11_15_kl._16.44.35_largeØstkyst Hustlers:

Fuld Af Løgn

First Time Records FTR 002 

Produktions år 2012

Udgivelses år 1996

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Michael Møller – Every Streetcar’s Got A Name.

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Michael Møller:

Every Streetcar’s Got A Name

1st Time Records FTR 001

Produktions år 2012

Udgivelses år   2007

Køb: http://www.recordpusher.com/products/michael-moller-every-streetcars-got-a-name